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22 year old son, and pregnant girlfriend?

Sorry I am new to this and a little freaked out. I am the Mom, he is my son, his girlfriend is a bit strange (emotionally) I want to be a good Grandma, but with his work history and still living at home, and she does not even have a desire to work... never even had a job at age 19. I guess I am scared as HELL! I want the Grandbaby and to be supportive, but all odds seem agains it anybody out there in that situation?
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replied December 31st, 2008
hey and yes my mom is your not alone
Dont worry my mother is going through the same thing with my brother and his wife they live with them and my mom cried when she found out they were going to have a baby ......look to GOD trust me it will go a very very long way!!!!!!! his wife is working but its min wage and my brother isnt and it will be a long time before he will.....just remember their GOD knows what he is doing.....go to matter chapter 19 verse 2 the healing it talks about doesnt just mean health wise ....Wink

best of luck and know your not alone
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