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75 year old male , Robotic Radical Prostatetomy

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I am a 75 year old male who received a Robotic Radical Prostatetomy in Sept of 2007.
Ninety days following the treatment my PSA was less than 0.001 ng and then in Dec. of 2009 it had increased to 0.2 ng. Ninety days later it had increased to 0.5 ng and
my doctor ordered a Bone Scan which was negative. Then 90 days later which was June
2010 my PSA had risen to 0.644 ng and my doctor referred me to an oncologist. The Oncologist recommended Salvage Radiation which I question. My original PSA which
triggered a positive biopsy was 5.6 and I then decided to watch and wait. Within two
years my PSA had risen to 10.0 and I elected Surgery. My Gleason score was 7 and the cancer had not escaped the prostate. My question is should I "watch and wait" ,
proceed with "Salvage Radiation" receive "Hormone theropy" or receive any other treatment. Overall I am in good health.
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replied August 25th, 2010
Received my latest PSA yesterday and it had risen to 0.891 ng. I have an appointment with the urologist the
middle of Sept. Again any opinions would be welcome.
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replied March 9th, 2012
My dad was 73 when he was diagnosed. At that time he ahd a gleason score of 4+3. With a PSA of 7.2. We did various un-orthodox things and dropped his psa to 5.4. Stay at 5.4 to 6 then to 8 now its at 10.2 and he is 77. I have read various books and most say that 50% of Men who die over 72 have prostate cancer but it was never detected. I guess you have to ask youself, do you want to rist to potencial and specificly unknown side effect by the treatment. We didnt, now we may reconsider.
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replied March 10th, 2012
Your dad sounds like he has a very slow growing type of prostate cancer but if he has not received initial treatment I would get a couple of opinions from doctors and then make a decision. My initial decision was to remove the prostate but sad to say this was not a cure. My cancer returned after 2 yrs and now my PSA has been doubling every six months so I will be receiving hormone theropy shortly.
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