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23 year old male , erectile issues

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I'm a 23 year old male and I'm having erectile issues. It started a year ago when I started having pains in my testicles. After a while and some medication, the testicle pain went away, but around the same time that happened, my penis just completely lost sensation during an erection.

Since then, I can't feel my penis as much anymore, my erections don't last long at all, my urine flow is weak (especially when i wake up), and the vein at the top of my shaft has gotta much bigger. I can't even really kegal anymore.

I did see a urologist about this and asked him many times about the above symptoms. He satated that there was really nothing wrong. I've tried not masterbating/having sex for a while, having more of it, and doing it gradually and nothing is making anything better.

Any ideas?

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