I just took my daughter for her first eye exam ever and I was told that she is near sighted and that she has a cataract in her left eye. I never even knew that she had a problem seeing until her teacher wrot me a note and then I took her to the eye doctor. I am worried about the cataract he didn't say much about it except that it was in her left eye. What should I do I don't want her to go blind... I plan on changing her diet and giving her vitamin supplements that i looked up on line to help it not get worse.. I also want too look into surgey. Is their anything else that I can do? I am a young single mom and I have never been faced with a problem like this. Her prescription glasses come next week.
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replied April 23rd, 2009
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I'm surprised your eye doctor did not give an explanation as to options.

Have you tried to reach him to explain?

Cataract at her age? I'd seek a 2nd opinion even if the first doc explains himself...
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replied September 13th, 2012
kid with Cataracts
1 in 10000 have been born that way, including my 9 year old

He can not be operated on yet because the Doctor wants to wait until he can't see anything!

Doctor says he does it all the time and its very safe, so, when it's time for my son, he will do it!

My wife and I have lost 20 years of our life expcetancy because of this, but the Doctor assures us that all will be fine when the timee comes
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replied July 19th, 2013
I've been wearing glasses since age 8 and was recently told that I'll be needing cataract surgery for both eyes. I'll be having my vision corrected too. My initial response is that I'll no longer need to worry about crushing my specs at night, no carrying a spare pair in a hard case and no more of the environmental compromises for rain and fogging Cataract eye drops helps alot.
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