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9 year old female has chronic uti infections and enlarged kidney

My daughter is a 9 year old female. She has Cat eye syndrome. History of incontinence. The past 2 years she has experienced recurrent UTI due to E. Coli.2017 renal ultrasound showed R kidney 10.9 L kidney 11.9 (2010 US showed kidneys at 7.5 7.7.) Pediatrician was not concerned about abnormal size. In the past 2 weeks she developed a UTI containing Strep Viridan. She completed 10 day antibiotic treatment. 48 hours after completion of antibiotics we performed another U/A which showed she had another UTI due to strep viridan. She is now on a 7 day treatment. Is it a new UTI or a resistant strain? Are large kidneys normal? Are kidney size and UTIs connected? Possible outcomes? We see urologist in February but I'm too worried to wait. What can I do at home to speed up diagnosis?
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