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19 year old experiencign what might have been seizure/stroke ?

I am 19 years old and last night I was attempting to read a story on the computer when I started to feel light headed, and seeing black around my vision. I began zoning out on past memories and from what I can remember I closed my eyes and when I reopened them my husband was calling my name next to me. He says he heard me whimpering beside him and looked over to see me slumped over my chair, falling out and shaking my arms, and when I came to I was very confused as to why he was calling my name and looking overly concerned. I remember feeling very cold afterwards. I do not have enough money nor insurance to go to the doctor and have this checked out but I am very concerned. . . any thoughts?
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replied November 4th, 2013
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Unlikely to be a stroke in my layman's opinion but it does sound as though you had something close to an epileptic seizure.

Such things can be caused by flashing lights; apparently everyone and anyone can have such a seizure induced by the correct stimulus.
The frequency of flashing is generally much slower than the flashing of a fluorescent light or a tv screen. I hear you claim these things do not flash and in part it is true. They do flash but too quickly for the human eye to register because of "the persistence of vision".

It is just a theory that if you had a couple or more of such flashing things on in the room at the same time then the difference in the speed of flashing of a couple could have been just right to bring on a seizure as two different frequencies operating together in the same phase can add together creating a stronger "beat frequency" at the times where they coincide.

As I said it is just a theory and unlikely even though possible...

I suggest you take some elementary precautions and ensure the area around where you sit is well lit with some light behind you. Try not to stare at the screen too long at a time and do not sit tightly doubled over so you cannot breathe naturally and deeply. Don't allow yourself to get too hot and keep the room well-ventilated.

It probably won't happen again but if it does it will be time to get yourself checked. You certainly should not drive or operate machinery for a while.

According to what we see on our UK tv screens the USA has free medical care for those who can't afford to access the mainstream stuff. My friend who visits the States quite a lot tells em it is somewhat limited for those of working age but it does exist. I think you should discover where it is in case you need it in the future.

Good luck!
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