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7 year old daughter that keeps on getting abscess

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Hi All
i need some help here please
i have a 7 year old daughter that keeps on getting abscess - especially on her maulers - she has received antibiotics treatment for this but to much antibiotics is also not good for you
she has already lost 2 of her maulers and there is an abscess again and i am taking her to the dentist again this after noon
we brush her teeth morning and evening with "Thursday plantation tee tree oil" tooth paste as well as tooth paste with fluoride
we have a mouth wash which she uses to rinse her mouth with and some times we use a salt solution as well to rinse her teeth
we also floss her teeth frequently
what else can I do?
would she out grow it?
what would happen when she gets her grown up teeth - are the chances good of getting it again?
has any one else on the forum experienced the same issues and what did you do?
then in extreme cases could this be a form of lupus?
thx Mike
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