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5 year old boxer fracture

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When I was about 18-19 I had gotten a "boxer" fracture, the pinky on my right hand. I didn't have insurance (and still dont) but they took xrays anyways and just put me in a metal sleeve and wrapped it, told me to stay in it for 3 weeks I think. Either way, 5-6 years later and it still gives me problems when writing or using a mouse (still feels like its broken almost). More so writing, especially when im drawing and trying to make precise sketches, the joint and area hurts incredibly bad. I also feel like the bone is digging into my wrist, I really don't know what to do. I'm only 24 and if its this painful now, I dont even want to know what its going to be like 10 years. I don't have insurance and I really don't know what to do about this as its in my dominant hand. I can make a fist just fine with no pain and general use doesnt seem to bother it much, but its mainly when doing graphic work on the computer and holding a pen where it becomes extremely painful, to the point where I have to stop altogether.
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replied May 24th, 2011
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By definition, a boxer's fracture is at the distal end of the small finger metacarpal. It is no where near the wrist. However, if you broke the proximal end of the small finger metacarpal, called a reverse Bennett's fracture, it could cause pain on the medial side (small finger side) of the wrist.

Most boxer's fracture cause no problems, even up to an angulation of 70 degrees. However, a reverse Bennett's fracture is an intraarticular fracture (broken into the joint). This, of course, can sometimes set up traumatic arthritis.

You first need to know exactly what your injury was. As the boxer's fracture will most likely get better with some more time. It usually takes about 3 months for the soft tissues to calm down after a fracture. But, a reverse Bennett's may not, and it may get worse in the years to come.

You can contact your local board of health to see if you qualify for any programs. Some medical school programs will take patients with a need, that cannot pay. You may have to do some research.

In the meantime, when you write, you are going to have to use a larger pen. Go to an office store and buy some pads to go over pens/pencils to enlarge the size and cushion also. remember grade school, well you need to go back to the large crayons. It is well known in hand surgery and occupational therapy, that the large diameter writing instruments decrease hand pain. As for the mouse, find one that is ergonomically fitted to your hand. Take frequent breaks and avoid static grasping as much as possible.

Good luck.
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