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8 year old ; Autistic ; seizures ?

I'm a single mom of an eight year old son who is HF Autistic. He's had a few episodes the past year or so with staring and blinking; his pedi wasn't concerned. Over the past two or so weeks, he's been very lethargic. He's fallen asleep at day care (in a noisy room) with a cold sweat and very pale. He's been falling asleep at school about every day for the past two weeks. After a fun weekend of Pinewood Derby and a birthday party on Saturday, we came home on Sunday night. He had an odd crying spell on the way home then became quiet. As we pulled up, he didn't remember anything after the party...asking where we were today. Another big problem is that I cannot wake him up in the takes about one hour every morning....either he won't wake up or he kinda wakes up and has the glassy stare. If I do get him to kinda wake up he says he can't see. He sleeps about 10-11 hours a night.

We have an EEG scheduled for next week, but if we're only going to do a 20 minute sleep study, I'm worried that *that* amount of time won't show the problems we're having in the morning. I called the nurse and asked but she said that it would catch a seizure *if* he had one during the test. Tests like this cost me time and money off of work....for basically nothing.

We did a sleep study a few years ago but as he has very high anxiety and is OCD, he was fixated on the equipment and people that it just didn't work.

*Update 1*

DS may have had a BM during his sleep Friday night. It is not the first time either; about a year ago he slept for 15 hours and had a large BM during his sleep. I had a very difficult time waking him up. I called the ER and pediatrician but they were not too concerned.

*Update 2*

DS didn't really fall asleep last night as he said my coughing kept him awake. He came downstairs and layed down on the couch. When I found his this morning, he greeted me and I layed down behind him on the couch - like we were spooning. He quited down and as he was falling asleep, I eventually felt small tremors across back...then his arm.....then his back again....then his leg lifted up and shook....then it seemed like he was clenching his body then letting go....then he stopped. I thought he was asleep so I got up from the couch and he said "I'm hungy. Can I play XBox?" "No," I said...."Go back to sleep." And he did for about another 30-45 minutes.

I felt it this time and it's driving me crazy not knowing what it is. I really hope a 20 minute nap will catch this.
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replied February 1st, 2010
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Hi nicnicsmom,
Before your his EKG next week, take out or borrow a video cam and record his movements for the next 24 hours or as much and as often as you can, especially during his sleep. Be sure to tell the doctors about what you observed witht he tremors, that is extremely important, if at all possible, get those on tape please. Don't get to stressed over the 30 minute test they want to do for seizures. If you can make your own documentation showing the tremors that will be of great help. If you need to pull up his shirt and point out exactly what you want thenm to see while he is sleeping or any thing out of the ordinary while he is awake.

Good Luck Dear,

Faded Rose
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replied February 1st, 2010
An excellent idea! Thank you very, very much!

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