December 2011 is when I first had skin irritation, just really itchy, so in the new year I went to go be checked out and turns out my not so pleasant ex boyfriend left me the gift of genital warts.

They started me on Aldara straight away, but 8 weeks later I went back and they pulled me off it as I reacted quite badly to it (although now I just think I used too much!)

I then had freezing treatment weekly for approx 5 months. What I think is different about my case is that there are no particular warts - everytime they got rid of one, 3 more would appear. I asked to be put back on Aldara, as I know its the only one that fights the infection and freezing wasn't helping as I had more than I started with! I'm now on my 3rd month round 2 with Aldara and it's probably the same position as I was in a year ago.

I try not to think about it and just get on with my life but 1 year on, and it's safe to say I'm fed up.
Is there a point when the virus starts to die down? Or will I have to contend with this for the rest of my life?
Can't seem to find any similar stories online - ANY HELP or shedding some light would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
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replied January 9th, 2013
I have been using aldara for a few months now and I still do get new warts although they never seem to be in the same spot as before, which my doctor told me would happen. It also irritated me at first but that was because I didn't have very clear instructions. The way I use it now seems to be working and not causing bad irritation. I put it on after i shower and leave it on for 10 hours then I wash it off with like baby soap because I feel that would be the most gentle. I use it every other day (sun, tues, and Thursday) and I skip the two day (fri and sat). I have found that when I skip those days, that's when I see the best results.
I don't know it this helps but it's what seems to be working for me, although new ones keep coming. I'm just hoping they stop eventually.
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