hello everyone, I need advice from you all. I stop taking yaz about 2 months ago now. I'm currently going through divorce so i stop it for financial issue, and don't think i'll have sex any soon. I was on yaz for 3yrs, i liked it, it's help me a lot with my chronic back pain and migraine. i was diagnosed with arthritis, herniated disc about 2 yrs ago. i take norco for pain killers, motrin, supplements and i exercise regularly. this past few months with out my yaz, my back pain is so severe that i can't even go to work and legs feels so heavy and achey, something i never felt before. I already suffer from back pain, but with exercise, ice pack i can tolerate the pain. But this one it's wierd. And just few nights ago, i had talk with my ex and we end up having sex, i wanted more pretty much because i'm in need for it. and it helps me with the pain. we didnt use any protection, so now i'm freakin out, he didn't come inside but still i just finish my period about 5 days ago. My questions is what does it do to our body with out taking birth control pills? Do i need the pill to balance my hormones? and what the effect of long term taking the pill. Is there other type of pill that maybe similar to yaz that is not too expensive and will help me with chronic pain. thank you
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replied June 30th, 2008
1. I think that decreased pain while you were taking birth control pills is just a coincident.
2. Birth control pills can be also used for treating irregular periods which can be considered as a result of some disturbed hormonal balance.
3. There could happen many side effects from the birth control pills but their occurrence is not necessary.
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