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yasmin, what are the chances of becoming pregnant?

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So im probably overreacting, but im worried because this is my second month of taking yasmin, day 3 of placebo and still no period. I had sex the first of second day of the active pills on my second blister sheet, and did not miss any pills. I also take the the same time each day, however, i had tonsilitis halfway through my pack and was prescribed antibiotics, (penicillen) i also had some unwanted side effects, and my doctor told me to switch to taking my pill at nightime. I did this in two hour intervals untill I switched from 8 am to 9 pm. And have been conistent since. i had sex whilst on antibiotics, but used a condom. Wondering what the chances are of being pregnant, am i protected on first week of active pills? Also is the time change correct
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replied December 19th, 2011
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The pill if taken correctly is 99% effective at preventing pregnancy and there are SOME antibiotics that reduce the effectiveness of the pill, but since you took extra precautions (using condoms) then it's highly unlikely to be pregnancy related.

If the pill is taken correctly (The same time every day none missed) then you are protected after the first 7 days in the first pack. You are also protected during the placebo week.

As this is only your second month being on the pill, your body is still adjusting to the hormones of the pill, so it is normal for your cycles to be out of the norm for you. After about 3 months your body will adjust and your cycles will regulate. The pill can make your bleeds shorter and lighter and sometimes stop them completely the pill can also make them less painful and make pms symptoms ease as well.
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