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Xiphoid/Sternum localized, fleeting, Burning/Stinging

Hi, I am 19 years old experiencing what I thought was heartburn 2 days ago.
Not exactly sure how it started, but 2 days ago I remember feeling the
burning/stinging sensation when moving around/sitting weird position.
I was home alone and started worrying about my heart/lungs possibly having a

My pain has been in the same spot for 2 days, BUT it doesn't occur for 90% of
the time. When it does occur, it's always the same feeling in the same spot,
size of my fingertip. It is located on the left side On my xiphoid. (at first I
kept saying sternum)

If I touch my xiphoid, move finger 1cm towards heart, its there and feels Not
numb, but weird on the surface.
Like its sore (like 10% of the feeling when it occurs)...

Yesterday (day 2 of this on/off) it was starting to get my attention, so I took
2 750mg Tums thinking it was heartburn, but the pain would still randomly occur
after taking them. I was stressed out thru the night, went to bed at about 2
woke up feeling like it might be okay, but when the covers pass over the
of my chest, I felt this weird cold/numb feeling where it has been bothering
(best i can describe it)

Now It's 2 in the afternoon of day 3, and the sensations of burning/stinging
still randomly* popping up.
Question Question I can make it sting whenever I snap my left fingers???? Question Question
*I can walk around the house most of the time
feeling normal, however, i.e., when lifting a pile of clothes, or when I even
got a bagel out of wrapper, the pain comes back for only about 2 or 3 seconds.
It seems like when I am going to do something like open the door for my dog, as
I reach my arm out and pull open the door, it comes back then too. For a few

Basically I have a fleeting, transient burning/stinging sensation of the
that comes and goes with light exertion. Although as a baby I had a heart
murmur, I am 90% sure its not a heart problem because of the one symptom of
localized burning.

However, the part that makes me wonder is, how I can feel fine the entire time
typing this, but if I get up to do something that "exerts myself" (opening a
door for my dog?/lifting pile of clothes) - this is what makes me wonder what
could be..

I currently do not have med. insurance, and its the weekend, so I can't go to
the walk in clinic yet. I expect them to tell me it's anxiety... But I am
posting here, because I cannot find a similar case to mine (everyone else seems
to have radiating pain; my "pain" is always the same spot.)
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replied December 22nd, 2013

As i have read your problem, it seems like Heart burn and it can be Ulcers, but you cant go to a clinic because of lack of your health insurance, so you can take some antacid you if you have any pantozol at home then it will give you relief and don't smoke if you do and don't drink coffee empty stomach.

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