I had a X-raytest with Barium. Doctor said to wait 30 min and that then somebody did a photo of my stomach. But a nurse calles me in 20 min and did the photo. Yes, I am fool, that I didn't objekt to this, but it is to late for this. So, in general, the doctor come to the conclusion on the grounds of the foto, that the Bariumpassage is retarded from the stomach to the duodenum and through the duodenum. Could it be a diagnosis because of untaking,that the foto was done not in 30 min, but in 20? And could you assess with help of this foto http://www.bilder-hochladen.net/files/i783 -1-jpg.html the Bariumpassage from the stomach to and through the duodenum?

Thank you and sorry for my english
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replied June 18th, 2011
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The time in the upper GI series is just a general time frame. It doesn't have to be exactly 30 minutes. When you consume the barium, a small amount should pass into the duodenum (small intestine) within just a few minutes. By thirty minutes, there should have been a significant amount passed, to begin to outline the majority of the duodenum. So, to have essentially no barium leave the stomach in twenty minutes, there has to be some type of restriction, not allowing the barium to pass normally.

Please discuss the results of the test with your physician. Also, include the fact that the picture was taken at twenty minutes and that you are concerned about it. Have the physician explain the test to you and what the results mean.

Good luck.
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