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x-ray shows no fractures, 2 wks later i can't bend toes

I recently got my foot trapped under a machine. X-Ray showed zero fractures. Lots of swelling and bruising. I am 2 weeks past accident. I am unable to Bend 3 of my toes. Only the big toe and 2nd one go half way down. Any ideas since X-ray was negative
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replied March 25th, 2014
No need to worry. If the X-Ray shows zero fractures then there may not be any fracture as such but because of the swelling and bruising bending toes may be a problem. Relax and continue with the treatment prescribed by the doctor.
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replied March 31st, 2014
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Crush injuries to the extremities are actually difficult injuries. Even if there are no fractures, the swelling itself can cause problems by putting pressure on the nerves (the nerves tell the muscles to work). This can result in not being able to move or use certain muscles.

Another reason for not being able to plantar flex your toes is rupture of the flexor tendons. If the tendons are not intact, they cannot be used to move the toes.

But, you should know that the flexor tendons of the lesser toes are used as free grafts. If a patient has a nonrepairable tendon rupture in another part of the body, the lesser toe flexor tendons can be harvested to repair the other tendon rupture.

So, not being able to flex the lesser toes is usually not considered a significant problem (except when trying to pick up marbles with your toes).

But, if you are concerned, speak with your surgeon. Also, crush injuries to the feet need to be wrapped, iced, and elevated as long as there is swelling, which can actually take quite a while. So, you should elevate the foot whenever possible.

Speak with your surgeon about the inability to flex your toes. You should really be examined to determine the cause. If it is a nerve problem, that may need treatment.

Good luck.
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