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Wrist pain after fractures

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Ok background details. When I was younger I was trying to catch a chicken (yes I truly was, and I caught it might I add) but I ended up falling on the concrete and hurting my wrist real bad. I figured for a good year that I had just majorly sprained it and never thought twice but I had to be very careful for a few years after that because I would sometimes pick something up and almost drop it from a flair up of pain. I did end up a few years later having my doctor do a x-ray in which he said he saw 3 hairline fractures in my wrist that had healed wrong. Fast forward to now.

My wrist now is normally pretty OK and doesn't hurt much anymore but the past few days it has REALLY flared up bad for no apparent reason. I haven't done anything funky with it or landed on it hard. I do now have carpal tunnel in both my hands from hand milking does (goats) for the past 5-6yrs and I am curious if maybe the carpal tunnel could have caused a old flair up in my wrist? I feel pain in my wrist even when I milk my does which never happened before. I am not sure if I should just put a brace on it for a while and call it good. Or should I go and have my doctor look at it again if it doesn't stop hurting?

When fractures heal wrong can they still cause lameness and pain even years afterwords? I hurt my wrist when I was about 13-14yrs old and I am almost 22 now. I would have thought by now that I wouldn't be having in problems from my old injury.
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