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Wow! So now it all comes out!

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Well I'm now 9 weeks pregnant. Boyfriend just asked me to have an abortion. He wants me to quit my job and lose my car then hell take care of me otherwize I can kick rocks. We work together and he says he cant live a lie for 9 months. But, if I quit he still cant tell his coworkers! So Im going to have it. Not going to have an abortion. We both wanted this. His love, however, was conditional. He says only if I quit my job will he move in with me! And! He feels that my car is too much of an expense if I quit so I will have to get rid of that too! I have worked my butt off for everything I have for this man who claims to love me to want to take away in order for him to come and be with me and the baby. So upsetting but Ive been so excited about this baby. My first. Im 33 he's 40 and this is not his first it will be his second. But, he ASKED me to have it. For months! Now im pregnant and hes going out to bars, not saying I love you, not wanting to take me out anymore. Sad I will remain strong.
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replied January 18th, 2012
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Good for you for looking out for yourself and being strong! It is HIM that will need to step up or kick rocks. If he has you quit your job and get rid of your car you will be trapped. He will control you and hold that over your head (he already said your car is too much of an expense, what else would be? Diapers? Food?). The best thing here is that YOU wanted this baby and you will love and raise this child no matter what. Congratulations on your baby! Continue to be the strong woman you are and let him know it's your way (the right way!) or the highway. Smile
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