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Would rather die than live with TMJ. (Page 2)

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July 26th, 2009
I was not talking about suicide, I was talking about people who condemn others for loosing desire to live a life in agony.

And I think you have two people confused, as I do not have a sister or a brother, just a mother, who I reffered to to illustrate how blessed some people are - especially those that are incapacitated and require assistance from others.
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replied July 26th, 2009
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edgras, she was talking to jmr not you, thats why you are confused about her mentioning a sister!
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replied July 27th, 2009
I am sorry.. I need to stay off line until my head stragihtens out..Ever since I had the EGD I am not staying focused..I feel like I am not hitting on all electrodes or something..(might just be a co-incidence not sure) We went to a restaurant saturday and I couldn't even think of the name of the restuarant we were in..It was embarassing as the waitress had asked a question and I couldn't find the words..Thanks timeisshort..
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replied August 15th, 2009
Re: Stop whining
believer25 wrote:
You are the "cry me a river" type. Let me be very clear, ANYONE who commints suicide in this country in SELFISH. I could give you many reasons, however I feel you may be too self absorbed for that. You've plainly detailed out your pain and how it has consumed you and you don't know where alse to turn. well that last post touched on it but now you have no other choice....TURN TO GOD. I'm much older that you man and have cetaintly been in major pain and have been deep down in that darkness, down to my last match...when one day, I told God I'm through doing it on my own, please help...and HE did in ways that I never could of imagined. you may not heed my advise; one's that scream death metal may have trouble leaning on God, but your weak and need GOD, give it a serious try.

God bless you!

How dare you insinuate that this debilitating pain can be cured through a higher power. Some of us don't believe in God, or if we do, we believe that God has a reasn for our suffering. i have offered my tmj pain up to God and i still have it. I have also prayed for God to guide my doctors toward helping me. You dare to presume that someone suffering such pain is weak?! I pray for you to overcome your ignorance.
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replied September 22nd, 2012
I agree completely with the above poster. You have know clue what pain this person is in. Ive been backed into a dark corner due to my tmd\tmj disorder many, many times. So much so that ive wanted to die. Before this pain I had no intentions of being a burden on anyone and would be the last to complain about a pain that isn't crippling. And this person does not sound like a whiner
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replied August 16th, 2009
That's what I thought too, but I usually ignore such comments as it tends to make the other party argumentative over non-substantial issues, let them accuse, let them judge, God will be give the final verdict.
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replied September 11th, 2009
I feel your pain..Trust me i do.I to have tmj, and not a moment goes by that i dont think about how much its affected my life.But i know that i have to remain positive and seek new treatments to manage the pain. So just keep your head up.And remember that people love you and would miss you dearly. Take care
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replied September 14th, 2009
As I said in a previuos post:

For TMJ try the drug buspar. It is the only thing that relieved me of that agonizing pain. 10 MG 2 x daily. it might even make it worse for a bit, but after 2 weeks, your jaw will feel so calm you won't even believe it.Take Ibuprofen for the two weeks until it kicks in

Also, if you don't want to go that route, look into the herb Rhodiola Roaea. This along with buspar are the only things that 'cured' (yes cured) my bruxism. Possibly because of Rhodiola's MAOI effect. Be warred though, people build tolerance to rhodiola rosea quickly, so it just might be a stepping stone to buspar.

And look in dry mouth. i found taking biotene before bed lubricated my mouth and I ground less.
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replied November 15th, 2009
jmr, I relate and I understand the apparently logical option of death.

When the balance between one's desire to end the pain vs your family and friend's desire to see you around becomes a nagging question, it becomes very difficult. I questioned this for 3 years, wondering which was more selfish : my desire for death, or my family's wish to not see me die.

It took a very long time to find the cause of my pain and I suspect it may be yours as well. Mine is from clenching my jaw at night, from stress (and this starts a feedback loop, a vicious circle). It took way too long to figure this out, but maybe I can help you with this.

Go get your masseter (jaw muscle) looked at NOW! This could be a real issue, and it seems from what I'm reading is a very major cause of TMJ issues. When stressed and unable to relax at night it can cause very serious symptoms, some of which aren't at all obvious. I thought mine were ear issues. Damage to my ear, damage to my eustachian tube. And so I went to ENT doctors at Kaiser, wasting my time with arrogant MD's who looked in my ear, saw nothing, and told me nothing's wrong!

This got out of hand and I was insulted by doctors, essentially told I was crazy.
One called me one morning to tell me to "Trust my doctors" and that there's "nothing wrong" if they don't see anything.

They're dead wrong. And now after finding a cause to my pain, and a real treatment, after dealing with short-sighted fools, I am angry.

You want to know how you might be able to treat it yourself? Start massaging your masseter from inside and out. I mean jam your fingers into it from both sides, shove your thumb in your mouth and rub in circles 'til it's sore. This is what worked for me. You should also get a double (BOTH upper and lower!) bite plate/splint made. A good orthodontist can do this but it'll run several hundred dollars without coverage.
I had a single upper made last year and it didn't do a damn thing. Now I think I know why. A single doesn't immobilize the jaw and stop the clenching. Sure it's fine for grinding motion since it lets your jaw slide around smoothly, but nothing else.

I'm getting my double plate fitted later this month, in the meantime I massage it and rub Capzacin (the pepper extract stuff) in my cheek. This really helps and I won't kid you it will burn like hell but it will help with the pain. Capsaicin interferes with muscular pain like nothing else. Don't waste your time with Vicodin or the other
heavy duty opiates : they seem to be worthless for muscle pain and are dangerous. Capsaicin's pretty safe but very potent, and never use it with heat and keep the heavy-duty roll on stuff (0.125% is heavy duty!) out of your mouth. If you use it with a heating pad it can penetrate too far and cause damage. I'm pretty sure peppers are ok to chew on for this though and I've been sucking on red pepper flakes in my left cheek (it's all my left side) and it DOES help!

paulybruskin wrote :

>How dare you insinuate that this debilitating pain can be cured through a higher power.

Indeed. Believer25, speak nothing more of things you do not understand. Your stink of arrogance is offensive. No one and nothing understands the nature of chronic pain until it is experienced! For the rest of the "he's a whiner" camp I have a suggestion...

Go buy a geologist's rock hammer.

Then smash your jaw with it. Be sure to shatter your jaw.

Then imagine the pain never goes away.

This is much what TMJ feels like.
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replied December 18th, 2009
Hi, I normally don't like to post but my story has a lot in common within the stories that a lot of you guys posting.

ENGLISH is not my first language so plz pardon me, But I am sure it should be good enough for your guys to understand me

In this message, I am not gona be act like smart one here, I am neither trying to insult nor offense anyone. I just want to share my opinion with ur folk who have suffer and endure with TMJ disorder.

I am 24 years old male, I had tmj since 2006. so about 3.5 years now. I mean Tmj is very complex which related to jaw joint and stuff in the area above the teeth and near the ear right? So when people who have been diagnose with Tmj are usually refer to see a Dentist.
I really believe that the fact is that there many Dentists who can do root cannal and specialize in stuff like that related to direct about the gum and teeth. However, Tmj specialist I mean good one is very hard to find, I mean it is the jaw joint problem (It have joint, bone, ligament and this kind of things relate in it), it is actually and more like a knee joint problem, well a lot of ppl and sport player do knee surgury right? so there are many good knee doctors out there for us.

However, good dentist who can Tmj is very to hard to find correct?

Let's think logically
I mean every doctors are different. Some can diagnose you correctly, some will be wrong. some can help you a little bit or a lot or completely or not at all.

Every Tmj patient have different tmj disorder differently
Some can be fix 100%, Some already too lated to be fix, Some never gona be able to fix in the first because it's just so severe.

You guys can try to match the difference for each doctor and each tmj patient. From this, I have one question,

The question is, out of 100% of tmj patients in the world to go see a doctor, what are the chance of success and cure 100% ?? Well if I have to answer this myself..... I think it is less than 5 percents. May be it's better to not go see doctor at all right?? (if they would make things worse after a surgury and also you lost a lot of money in the process) and dont even have to include the fact about law and legal issue if you decide to sue ur doctor back for the mistakes they cost.

you guys know that in America, when you are sick, you go see a Doctor. In my experience, those doctors usually won't "climb over the mountion" (do their best) to help you out right? (Unless, it's so serious injures like you got shot or car accident which they must do whatever they can to safe ur life)

I used to go see a doctor dermatogist (skin doctor) for my skin problem while I was still studying in USA. It took 3 weeks to get the appointment for him. Yes, the doctor is very smart, he dianose my problem correctly. However, he only gave me only a presciption for buying one cream to put on my skin. I was itching all day long for 3-4 weeks before see doctor, after I saw him and got the cream, It still doesn't cure a thing!!!!!!! Ok?

Well when I go home to my country in Asia, I went to see a skin doctor there. He gave me 1 cream, 1 lotion, pill medicines. And Guess what? my skin problem gone! in 2 days)

Well, I used to live in USA long enough that I feel the glimpse of the healthcare system there.

-Everyone should have insurance because the medical bill are so expensive.
-doctors try to avoid getting sue by patient, so they have to be very careful which cause them to not be willing help you effective unless it is serious like the gun shot would or car accident that I mentioned before.

Ok, back tmj. you guy see? A lot of people or doctor who never have experience TMJ condition themself. They DONT know what it's like to be. I know I have it for 3-4 now and will be forever, you guys who have tmj know what it is feel like, how bad it is to have a ruin-broken jaw.....

It's unfortunely that those who dont have TMJ dont think it is serious because they don't see ur jaw, they don't feel what your feel. They dont know how much pain it is to have a TMJ disorder.

In this message, I have been criticized the doctor and healthcare in USA a little or may be a lot. But please DONT get me wrong. I used to live in USA for school for almost 10 years. I love USA, I totally do. There are so many life and opportunity over there than a lot of other country.

But, I just feel like "I can't even afford to get sick in USA eventhough I have the money to pay for all medical bill" because when I GOT sick and go see a doctor. They didn't really be able to help me effectively, I dont know why.....

May be those specific doctors, that I saw, thought that I am just a college kid- foreigner from China and I was over there by myself. I had to take care of myself, No one was there to take care of me, my parents were in the other side of the world, I have no-relative over there. I couldn't fit in with the normal American teenagers age nor college age. Ok, I am sorry, I got a out the topic a lot, But yeah may be the fact that those doctor see I am foreigner and a kid might cause them to didn't try hard to help me out. I feel (personally) like they dont think a young kid foreigner patient are not important to them compare the Normal US citizen who live over there, who have parents to over there with them to take care them, and fight the doctor to do the best for their children....

This is a true story, back in 2006, I went to start having the TMJ disorder, went to see a general doctor at my college health center. I was just in so much stress and I was just seeking and hoping to find someone (doctor) who can finally cure me from TMJ. (after, I already saw 2 dentist and the best they did was gave me a hot cold pack and an advil pill)

Right after, I told that women doctor that, I got disorder on my right jaw. She joke back me like
"Oh may be, you needed to be punched on the other side of ur jaw, so things will be fix"

OH my god, Can I sue that women doctor that kind of ignorance comment and a stupic stupid joke she said me????? I dont have to tell how angry was about that comment and how hopeless I was experience with TMJ and the disappointment with that American doctor practic and made that kind of comment to me like that.

You guys got the idea now about my experienced with doctors and healthcares while I was at the united states. I know most of you reading this are from America and I am trying to make enemy here, I am just wanna share story with your guys. I learned a lot from reading on what your guys posts and replies, so I would like to share my thought too. share my thought about the American healthcare (in my opinion of cause, and it's just comment and complain of cause, just like a lot of complain and blame that people posted before me in this web site), share the story of my journey with my tmj disorder.

In conclusion, the first 1-2 years that I started having TMJ. It was so much pain and discomfort. Everything is hopeless and bad for me. I was trying to seek surgeries both in America and Asia, but those doctors won't do it because the success rate is less than 20% and it will go lower if your jaw is hard to fix or if the doctor is not that specialized in TMJ surgery.

I have patience, I have endured, and I have suffered for the first 2 year. And Now since the start of 2009. I feel like I am 95% cure from TMJ, thx to my parent and those doctor who talked me out of surgery option. You guy can find that a lot of ppl who had surgery on TMJ before will have sergury on TMJ again and again and again. Things could gotten worse for people who decide do surgery because I believe everyone body will heal itself of cause not 100% for TMJ, but It can get better if have endure and have less stress, and stop thinking about it. My jaw healed itself to the point that I can now EAT steak again.
Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T-bone streak premium meat import with tabasco and A-one source without any pain. 2 year ago, I couldn't even eat rice without pain. Now, I can eat potato chip, steak, bar-be-Q rib and all other thick food.
My ears used to make pop and click sound every time I talked. Now, the poping and clicking. Oh what a good feeling
My ears used to feel like it has something in it and feel like a nail is pinning down my ear and I used to feel so much pain almost like people trying to hammer an invisible nail into my ear. it was the worse pain of my life! Now it's gone. No more pain, Yes thx god.
My eye sight used to be very wrong (I saw something floating a lot in my eyes) Now, It got better I can see the sky, I mean beautiful sky, the nice blue sky, and I went to see the Avatar 3D movie yesterday everything is cleared no-blurry what so every. I had a good time

I Know some of you guys who has tmj also have other symtom around that area which probably caused by TMJ such as

minor condition
- Pop-clicking sound in ear
- Floating in the eye
- Hurt jaw when eat, yawn, talk
- pain and sore around the area

serious condition
- serious pain inside the ear area.
- lose of hearing
- lose of balancing urself
- depression and hopeless

question, what did I do?
answer, I DID NOT DO ANYTHING. beside

- managing stress so I won't bite my teeth at night when I sleep.

- took out all of my wisdom teeth. (after, I took all my wisdom teeth out, the pain of "an invisible nail is pinning down my ear and I used to feel so much pain almost like people trying to hammer an invisible nail into my ear)." are gone. yes, the pain was gone, thx god.

See that? I am sending a message to those of you who suffer with TMJ right now, You gotta believe man, your body won't left you out to dry. It will try to heal itself of cause not 100%, of cause not soon, it may take years. But It happen to me!

So Please try to avoid to do surgery because if you do it, by taking something (bone or whatever) out or put something else in (like a metal or replacement jaw)
Your body might not accept the new condition that done by surgery. Therefore, it cannot heal by itself anymore and only god know where your fate is going next......

Of cause, I am not saying that "if you broke ur arm, dont go see doctor, it will heal by itself!" of cause, if you broke ur arm you have to go see doctor asap

No, what I mean is that's TMJ is complex area of your body consist of so many thing that will have to work prefectly in harmony to be 100% normal. After, Tmj got injured or dislocated, try not to dislocate them even worse, do everything to avoid sergury because it success chance is so low.

Enjoy ur life, Enjoy hang out with people, may be get a girl or boy friend. watch movie. travel. do the things you love to do. I personally like to watch USA show such Prison Break, LOST, 24, The office, Heroes, Supernatural, Terminator: Sarah connor coronicle.

Nothing stop us! Not even TMJ. There is so much in life, that those of you who are hopeless right can ever imagned. If you dont believe me just go read my previous post back in MAY 09 it call "TMJ and Depression cure?" in the TMJ forum. I read my story, you will know the way I felt at that time and compare this message now in Dec 09. How much I have changed.

I have turned my life around from deep down into the darkness into the blue sky.

You came so far dont let anything stop you.

Good luck and god bless you
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replied December 22nd, 2009
man im glad i found this post, u sound like the exact same person as me. ive had tmj for a good 3 years now except now i have eagles syndrome to which is ten times worse than tmj. having them both sucks even more. i figure at the rate im going ill have no other choice but to commit suicide in the next year or two. and ur exactly right about the smoking weed thing, every time i smoke i can feel my face and neck and throat getting worse and worse, i feel ur pain bro its tough wen no one understands or cares about our situation. i pray the lord will have mercy on me
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replied December 23rd, 2009
First of all, the parallels between our experiences are staggering, to say the least.TMJ has made my life a struggle. Before I was diagnosed, by myself, no less, the doctors told me it was a psychological problem - as did many of my friends - and I knew there was no way it was JUST psychological; so I did some research, and sure enough, my symptoms were identical to those with TMJ. I even identified the cause. In my senior year at high school my big brother punched me on the back of my jaw during a fight. Immediately, my right ear popped and lost its hearing. It came back after approximately ten minutes so I figured I was fine, but, man, was I wrong. That was at 18.

Now, fast forward four years later: I'm 21 going on twenty-two. Still have TMJ. Because of TMJ I dropped out of college; I couldn't handle it AND Social anxiety problems. I also attempted suicide twice. Getting sick was the worst! I already had sinus problems from TMJ; the combo was devastating. Like many of you, I'm sure, the list of hardships and repercussions I had to deal with is tremendous.

But then one day I found books and authors that improved my life by turning me from a pessimist to an optimist. I began meditating to relieve the pain, and in the process, I got to know my body much better, in a way akin to smoking marijuana - but AMELIORATING instead of just intensifying. I recommend it first and foremost, before anything else. Try it; get inside your head.

And I guess that is sort of where I am today. I do other things to help my TMJ - the soft food diet, watching posture, massages, heat - but I still make sure I meditate everyday.

Lastly, I want to ask everyone here a question. Since dealing with TMJ have you ever thought that you would be infinitely less bothered by petty, day-to-day problems? I find that now little things don't bother me, and when I see people upset for ridiculous reasons I feel like I'm watching melodrama. The crazy thing is, I used to get upset about some of the same stupid crap. Would you agree that learning how to cope with a chronic disorder can, once through the initial grief and novelty of constant pain, really help put things in perspective?
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replied January 10th, 2010
I have TMJ. It's been around for 30 years off and on. This last episode is the hardest. I think I've gotten myself addicted to pain pills... that don't even help for very long. I did the dentist treatment... it didn't help. I go to my doc every now and then to get pain shots. There are steroid shots that you can get that will help for awhile. I can't get them anymore because I contracted Hep C from a blood transfusion a couple of years ago. Liver doc said the steroid shots would make the Hep worse. Anyway, there are many days when I know I'm just surviving, not living, and think about getting the shots anyway.

I have two friends left who help me a lot and understand what I'm going thru. My husband left, and my kids just think I'm a hypochondriac. God Bless us all.
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replied January 11th, 2010
Wow, Youwon. Good post. I believe that somewhere deep inside stress is a big problem. It can cause all the problems with TMJ. I just wonder if it can compeltely go away just because of less stress. I hope so. I have always thought this.
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replied February 24th, 2010
hey, I can definitely relate.. I've known I had TMJ for about 4 or 5 years now and its been a long process of working through it, going with orthodontic treatment (braces) for over a year and then just constantly trying to find new ways to deal with it and overcome this disorder... I went from feeling similar to the way you have described to now feeling like I am almost cured of this disorder, although I am still sorting out some issues caused by my wearing of a retainer to hold my teeth in place..

I am close in age to you, now I am almost 25...

If you would like, I invite you to PM me an I can tell you a bit more about what I have found works for this and the ways I have dealt with this... having this problem develop at a relatively young age, I think is better than when you're older because at least you still have time to fix it, and it is fixable, don't listen to those who say it isn't.. I think if you are like in your 40's it may not be because of so many years of wear on the joint and by that time the body has lost some of its ability to heal, but since you are in your 20's, like me, I can assure you it is possible to make a significant improvement
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replied April 5th, 2010
I know I''m about a month or two behind this but I know what the poster is feeling I''ve had that feeling for about a month now and I''ve been suffering fromtmj symptoms for just a month I''m terrified for months from now of the symptoms that I may get first it started with just the ringing and a little headache here and there then all of a sudden like overnight it was full blown I even have tingling and numbing on my tmj side through my arms and legs I don''t have symptoms everyday but I do think back 2 months ago when I was perfectly healthy and fine mine supposedly was brought on by stress and night clenching I just keep thinking could I have prevented this? Then to read that you can possibly go blind or deaf from this disorder just freaks me out even more no one seems to care really they just give the pain meds (which don''t do a damn thing but numb it some) and they send you on your way it''s terrible for the past 3 or 4 weeks I''ve seen several doctors and dentists and they all give me this confused looked I''m thinking getting my top wisdom teeth pulled may have triggered the headaches too I just had the top ones pulled in October 09 and I started getting headaches but didn''t think much of them since they only lasted a minute or two and went away as months went on a noticed my jaw started moving on it''s own periodically during the day I went to my doctor and she said it was bruxism and fatigue and that I should get plenty of sleep well that was 3 weeks ago now my symptoms are related to tmj and I can''t help thinking if she knew I had bruxism which usually turns into tmj overtime then she should have told me to get a motuhvuard well it''s to late now and I have to live my life day after day being to scared to leave my home in fear of what symptoms may come next I don''t feel normal anymore and I''ve cried almost damn near everyday (and I''m not much of a crier) I just wish i could wake up one day and say it was all a bad dream but every morning I wake up with the pain then I know it''s very real I hate that there are professionals that do t take this seriously and those that do don''t take I surance and are expensive just to take a look at you anyways I really could use some support from people who know what it''s like if someone wants to write me I probably won''t get any but I just felt like sharing my feelings at this point .... I hope the person that posted this thread hasn''t giving in and did away with himself and I hope that he''s getting the help he needs but I do know what your saying I''ve had the suicidal thoughts as well but I''m gonna have to keep pushing especially since I''m on ly 24 I''ve yet tolive my life I just gotta keep trying to get treatment for it but it sucks that my left side tingles and numbs makes me feel 74 instead if 24

thank vanae
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replied June 6th, 2010
Dont ever forget that you are not alone, I have had this horrible condition for about 5 years now. I know your pain as mine does not leave me either. I cant even take anti-inflamatories as i am fataly allergic to them. Your not crazy, I thank you for your story and honesty and reasuring me that I am not alone. There are over 10 million people with this condition like us, don't give up. Please don't give up, not on yourself, and please not on us.
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replied June 20th, 2010
some suggestions
I could not imagine how I could handle what you are going through since I have only mild TMJ issues and complain. I think the worst part of it is worrying about how much worse it could get. But here are some thoughts and suggestions that have helped me out and give me hope.

I have found that heavy manual labour actually helps me with my tmj. my jaw muscles relax when I do this.
Although I think from what I read on your post, it could have the opposite effect for you. Strange how everyone has their own way of relief. Also, strangely, after having going to the dentist to do a moulding impression my tmj left me for a week. I think that again this is related to massaging musscles.

I know I am not an expert but Here are some suggestions if you havent thought of them yourself:

I would look into getting supplements for joint pain relief or muscle pain relief. Ask a nutritionist.

Also look into getting a mouthguard, It has not helped me but has helped others. The deprogrammer I was put on helped me greatly but was only meant to be used temporarily. It might be usefull to get a deprogrammer and only use it at night. Although I would ask your dentist about this.

or try some mouth massages and exercises for tmj. I have found some on youtube. Some people have found them very usefull.

Massage therapists

Praying to God. I have prayed to GOd about my issues for healing. And if in His own good will he decides not to heal me, than I will pray for the perservenance and strength to deal with future pain that may come my way.

This is all from my own research or experience, But If I were you I think i would take my chances and give it a shot anyway. Keap looking. I believe that everyone is different and most have their own remedy. They just have to keap looking untill they find it.

I will pray for you.
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replied June 21st, 2010
I know how u feel cus i have the same symptoms and is really hard to wake up with pain and go to sleep with the same pain... if u need it we can talk something about our symptoms and possible causes of our problem, may be it can be well for us.
please, dont talk about suicide, dont forguet that all problems have a cause, and you must find the cause of your TMJ, then you can stay ok. if you only get treatment for ur symptoms, you aren't attacking the real problem. I think that u probably have a problem like malocclusion, and this is the cause that u have to attack, to correct, may be with braces, with surgery, i dont know, but splints, bad thinkings, u know, nothing of these will cure your pain.
Im 20 and understand u, its terrible suffer this pain, because it doesnt allow u to enjoy absolutely nothing, and you see how time pass and life pass and things changes and u continue without the simple possibility of enjoy one day, one activity, the simple things that give sense to life like listen to music..ok, i hope u can find the cause of your symptoms, i think that u have to to, with one more effort of your mind, a lot of studies, as cephalometry, x ray of your jaw, magnetic ressonance of your temporomandibular articulation, to find the real problem.
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replied August 25th, 2010
For all tmj suffers do not throw in the towel just yet..please go online and google..PROLOTHERAPY INJECTIONS and read upon these injection with tmj joint problems..then look for a doctor in your area that performs these procedures ..if you have Insurance your insurance just might cover the cost....if you have any questions on this please write me. I will be willing to answer all of your questions...


Hope this helps!!
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replied August 26th, 2010
All you need is one or two success stories!
For those that say there is no hope I always think of two things:

(1) Burt Reynolds suffered for 3 years. He took 50 pain killers a day and was suicidal. He lost weight, friends, family, and a lot more. I always turn to his story and think... "All we need is ONE example of someone who overcame this horrible disease."

(2) A friend's sister had TMJ for 21 years and after living through hell... she had surgery to get both her joints replaced. They took joint material from somewhere else in her body and implanted where her TMJs were (I didn't talk to her directly but this is what my friend said).

Anway these two examples ALWAYS give me hope because whether you need to get your bite re-aligned or the more extreme surgery... there are success stories out there.

My uncle had a rare form of cancer and the Mayo Clinic told him he'd live for 3-6 months. He lived for 15 years! He inspires me to find a cure to TMJ and get on the path to good health. It's hard... very hard. I love eating, I love talking, I love laughing... but you can't do that with this condition. I always say, it is for the short term. Soon things will go back to normal... and they will.


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