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would i get pregnant If he has accidentally touched ...

My bf and I have agreed to intercourse after marriage, but we still dry hump every once in a while.

Two weeks ago, we were fooling around, he was fully clothed and me with underwear on, at some point he put his hand into my underpants and fingered me, he claims he did not touch himself before touching me, but I worry that he might have accidentally put his hand into his pants momentarily to adjust the position of his penis and stuff, so QUESTION 1: would i get pregnant IF he has accidentally touched tiny amounts of his pre-cum?

Then after a while, he ejaculated (he was still fully clothed- with boxers and pants), he immediately got off of me and went to clean up and change, we did not do anything more afterwards, so QUESTION 2: is it possible that some of his ejaculation could have landed on his bed sheets or somehow swam through his boxers and pants and got me pregnant (I am sure none of the semen landed on me directly)?

My last period came on May 7 with spotting noticed till May 15 and today is June 8 and still no signs of menstruation, I am totally freaking out, could I be pregnant? Pleasseeee help. Thanks!!!
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replied June 8th, 2012
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No and no.

Any fluid on his finger would have rubbed off a long time before his finger got to your vagina. Think for yourself what happens to anything on your finger if you stick your hand down your panties. Added to that he will need a substantial amount of fresh semen deep inside your vagina to even begin to think that pregnancy is possible.

You are over thinking this. Sperm does not survive well outside his or your body, and they do not swin through clothier.

Take care!
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