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Worse health after calve valve to replace aortic valve

Hello all, hoping for some insight here. Why would a person be in worse condition after having their aortic valve replaced with a calves valve? This is the second person I personally know who has worse health after this procedure.
Could it be due to the pericardium being cut? Could it be from some muscle in the heart being cut? Could it be from something in the heart being stretched out of shape?
The doctor promised me that this patient would have better function. When I mentioned the person who was worse from the procedure, the doctor told me this was not a normal recovery. But now it has happened again even though the doctor told me the procedure went perfectly. I have really lost faith in doctors.
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replied September 19th, 2014
Active User, very eHealthy
So everyone here who had this procedure has felt better, not worse, after this surgery?

Their activity level has improved?
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