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Worrying 2 months in..

So I've hooked up with my 1st real girlfriend in the last 2 months, and even though I have returned back to uni from summer we still love each other, we talk every day and the phone for hours and such and she has come to visit me for the weekend.

But recently, when I lost my virginity to her last weekend (and a few weeks before) I've been getting mixed emotions because im more than aware of her past (she has been dating since 15 and having sexual partners since around then too, we are both 19 now). We have discussed it recently, but she got upset, began to cry and reassured her everything was okay..

It just feels odd that I know what we are sharing might not be special to her and its all the same as before, but probaly im a bit crapper in the bed since I have less experience.. she mentioned the other night after making love (for the 2nd time ever) that she wants to try different positions because it gets "boring" when I feel I still have no clue what im evening doing!

I just want to know If what im feeling is just stupid of me and I should set it aside and try not worry, I still love her for who she is and she loves me, she worries all the time about mentioning her past because she's worried I'd leave her
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