Hello. I had protected vaignal sex 2 times In two days i was drunk and dont know if the condom broke or not. on the second day I had an oral sex ( cunnling) with the same girl. Tai sex worker in a hotel in Bahrain . After 27 days i had combo test and the results were negative ( nonreact) . After 40 days or 39 days ( I'm not sure) I had a combo test again and the results were negative the viral load where 0.08 . My Qs are: Does these results conclusiv and if not how percent are they? I'm afraid that could turn positive in three months. Do think that's gonna happen ? I'm sick of waiting until 3 months or to be clear I'm scared and can't wait. When I searched online many people said u should wait 3 months. I can't study and work and set with family and friends cuz I'm always thinking I'm infected with HiV. Sorry for my poor English .
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replied August 4th, 2013
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Protected sex - No risk for HIV. If the condom would fail, you would not it as when a condom breaks, it tears completely.
As far as oral sex is concerned, it is a zero risk activity as far as HIV is concerned. Yes, any HIV test would provide you conclusive results only at/after 3 months.
You can always test for the peace of mind, however be assured, your results would be negative.
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