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worried that this is bulbar onset or just ALS

Hey, I am a teen and have had some very worrying symptoms over the past few weeks. Now I know it's very unlikely that I have ALS, but I've been scared out of my mind lately. So first I noticed weakness in my hands, when I clasped my hands I could feel the weakness when holding a pen etc. but I could still and can still perform my normal tasks, the next week I felt weakness in my feet and ankles, I feel like I've lost balance when I walk, I should add that I don't always feel this weakness, but I do feel it a lot. Shortly after this, I knew something was up, and was already worried I had ALS, but then my legs felt weaker as well and I get muscle twitches all over my body, also I get a lot of saliver and phlegm in my mouth and now feel weakness in my neck. I also get fatigue, but this is something I have had for over a year now. I am very worried that this is bulbar onset or just ALS, my parents have told me that it's nothing and not to worry so that's why I'm here, this just could be anxiety but I'm not sure. Thanks.
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replied November 10th, 2016
Don't get scared. Fear will ruin a person's life. Just focus on something else instead of your health. You may feel better.
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