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Worried I have a Genetic Arrhythmia Disorder.


I am a fairly health 22 year old male who is 6'3 and weighs about 210. At age 19 after a night of excessive drinking, cigarettes, and marijuana; I woke up the next working in AFib. After getting the run around at my GP, I went to the hospital and was confirmed to have AFib. I had a bunch of test including EKGs echo-cardiograms, Chest xrays, and blood test. All came back normal...minus the fact I was having AFib. I was electrically cardioverted and went back to sinus rhythm with no problems. Went back to my Cardiologist for a few follow ups and everything was fine. I was in college and lived like a college student. I drank, smoked a little and ate bad food. However, I was always aware to not do all of them all the time. I had no issues in terms of AFib.
3 years later with no issues really between my last AFib episodes, I had another AFib episode this past July 2013. Once again I was drinking, but really not a lot nor was I consuming any other substances. However, I was swimming while drinking and began to choke. While choking, I went into AFib. I felt it right away and had a friend take me to the hospital. They confirmed it was AFib and the came up with the diagnosis that it was a "perfect storm". They said because I was drinking, dehydrated, and most likely slightly depleted of important vitamins I was at a high risk of AFib. So when I started choking, my vagal tone kick started the AFib in an environment that was already at high risk and it stuck. I was chemically cardioverted and put back into sinus rhythm. I have had no issues since.
However, I have had terrible anxiety about the whole situation and have turned to looking online to help calm my fears about another episode. As you already know, that was the wrong idea; they have become worst. After research I am worried I may have a more serious problem on my hands than just alcohol related AFib. I am worried that I some type of Genetic Arrhythmia disorder that allows me to keeping going into AFIb and alcohol is just the catalyst. Specifically I am worried I have Long or Short QT Syndrome. I know Lone AFib in young people can be the first sign of both disorders. Also family history of AFib is another sign. ( I have an Uncle and a Cousin with AFib that comes and goes). I will say, I have no family history of Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Syncope, or SIDS. Just the AFib at my age is what is worrying me. My question is this, I have had a bunch test and is it possible that they have missed my QT length being too short or too long? (Or even the other syndrome signs such as pointed T wave shape) I am also wondering based on my background and family history, am I at a greater risk for Sudden Cardiac Arrest? Should I be worried? I have a lot of anxiety about this… I just want my life back. I can’t go to bed or workout anymore without thinking am I going to drop dead. It is irrational, but the idea is indeed founded in a possibility that I am living with a serious condition and not knowing it.

PS. I am seeing a cardiac electrophysiologist in 6 days.
Give me your thoughts and comments please! Just want to hear from others with similar experiences or knowledge about the issues listed. Thanks!
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replied October 7th, 2013
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Hi eecos: You have AFib...You will have this the rest of your life...However, it can be controlled...This will possibly have to be done by medication and a proper diet...Stay away from alcohol...Keep your caffeine consumption low...Actually real low....Both can cause dyhydration which can bring on medical problems with this disease...Drink plenty of water as this too will help...

You can live with AFib but must you must treat it with respect...And yes it can kill you...But, when you think of it anything can...Stay on a regular schedule with your Cardiologist...We have an Internal Medicine doctor that also watches over my husband...

My husband has had all the stress tests done and they may want to do this with you....AFib is a problem that can show its face very early in life...Up until 8 months ago I never knew it existed...

Listen to what the doctors say....It is important...Take care...

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replied May 19th, 2014
Hi I have the same problem it's Genetic. 2 months ago I decided
To cut Alcohol Coffee & sugar from my Diet. No more
Attacks I feel great. Let's know how you get on.
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