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Worried about possible HIV contraction?

About three months ago I had sex for the first time with a guy I wasn't dating but am friends with. We used protection for the vaginal sex (but not oral) and as far as I know it didn't break. We are both 19, he is completely straight and doesn't use drugs. A nice guy, not sketchy. I wasn't worried at first but then I started getting symptoms of a yeast infection about two weeks after the fact. After a couple days the burning and itching went away but the discharge didn't. I went to the doctor who did a culture test to rule out any other kind of infection (including STIs) and they determined that it was yeast. The reason I'm worried is because this yeast infection won\'t go away for anything. I've tried over-the-counters, fluconazole, homeopathic treatments, every at-home remedy known to man, changed my diet, done EVERYTHING. My doctor put me on 14 days of terbinafine. She says if it doesn't work I'll have to go to an infectious disease specialist, which is making me freak out even more.
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replied August 23rd, 2013
ok ? this isn't HIV though. A yeast infection is an overgrowth of bacteria in the vagina. Meaning your ph is unbalanced. Your doctor is an idiot, this is very common and normal. I suggest eating a lot of organic yogurt, eliminate sugar from the diet. You can also buy vaginal suppositories with good bacteria strains and you insert into the vagina. I do this maybe once a year with similar situations occur such as yours. Anyway go to the healthfood store and buy FemDophulus, look it up on the internet. If you do buy it (which it is 100% effective) and the problem will be gone in a week max...depending how advanced it is. again, it is not a big deal. so don't freak out. Antibiotics Do Not work because it kills ALL the bacteria in the body, so the problem returns. ANyway, that's all i got for now. Take care (:
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