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worried about dark vaginal discharge/mentrual blood

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I'm a woman in my late-20s and I'm concerned about vaginal discharge/menstrual blood I've been getting since four days ago. Four days ago I was masturbating using a dildo(with a condom on it) and when I was done I took it out to wash it, but was surprised to see it covered with brown blood. I have irregular menstrual cycles but I assumed the orgasm might have quickend the cycle, which hasn't happened to me before but I've been informed it does happen sometimes. The problem is, the 'blood' is dark-almost black, comes out scantily, and sort of flaky, while my normal early menstrual blood is red and thick. This is the first time I've had discharge of this kind, even after masturbating. I've read that dark vaginal discharge can be a symptom of serious diseases such as cervical cancer and I'm extremely worried.

The dark-colored discharge has no strong odor except for a faint iron-like smell close to that of blood. I am not experiencing any pain and have never had sex with a man. I don't think it's the hymen since I believe I've broken it years ago during masturbation. Additionally, I am on a diet and have lost 3~4 killograms since last month, though I'm not sure if it affects vaginal discharge/menstrual blood. I'm too embarrased to confront a gynecologist about this, not to mention that an unmarried woman visiting a gynecologist(even for extreme mentrual cramps) is frowned upon in my country--please help!
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replied August 9th, 2011
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hi, so your country is living in the past,
get it checked with GYNO
what is your height and weight
BTW u refer to menstrual blood, it is not.
your uterus has to build endometri and DISSOLVE it and that is what u see, yes there is a little blood but not much and it is all sterile
take care and here is hoping u find a sex partner
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