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Worried about Breast Changes? See what's Normal and Be Aware

Why many women feel frustration and anxiety when they see a change in their breasts? Breasts go through numerous changes throughout one’s life. Since most of the changes are normal, you need not to worry about any usual change. However, if you feel a change as persistent or unusual, it becomes important for you to consult your GP without any delay. Normally, it is not possible to recognize a change as usual or unusual, unless you become a breast aware woman. Lack of breast cancer awareness is one of the main reasons behind the frustration of women about breast changes.

Acknowledge the normal changes of breasts:

Below are some of the normal changes your breasts go through at various stages of your life

Changes linked to menstrual cycles are normal. Before a period, your breasts may change its shape and size. In most cases, breasts become enlarged in size, but after a period these changes disappear. In some cases, these changes may remain as well. During pregnancy, the number of milk-producing cells increases and enlarges the size of breasts. The areola becomes darkened and nipple also gets changed in shape and size. These changes are often disappeared after pregnancy, but in some cases these changes may remain. Around the menopause, breast tissues lose their firmness and become saggy in shape.

Most of breast lumps are benign:

Now all these changes are normal for you, but if you feel them as unusual you can consult your GP to know what actually the change is. In most cases, breast lumps are also observed. Many women think lumps are one of breast cancer symptoms, but in fact, more than 80% of lumps are non-cancerous. Nine of ten lumps are benign and often these lumps are part of normal changes of breasts.

Self examine your breasts and know what is normal:

It is a fact that breast cancer can affect you at any stage of your life so you need to be aware throughout your life. To become breast aware, you need to carry out breast examination on regular basis. Self examination is a useful way to recognize the normal and abnormal changes of your breasts. You can perform self examination while taking shower, lying on a bed or in front of a mirror. Make sure you are not in a hurry while checking your breasts so you can understand their normal appearance in detail.
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replied October 19th, 2011
i just came across this medical device which aims at enlightening breast awareness in women. its called Breastlight. check this one out.
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