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Wondering why my daughter watches/listens with head turned?

We noticed a couple of years ago that our daughter (now age 6) always watched TV with her head turned to the right, so she is watching out of the corner of her left eye, and listening with her left ear. We noticed it more and more last year, and that she doesn't just do it with TV. If she is watching someone on stage, she turns her head, if she is watching someone talk, she turns her head, etc. Last year she was getting some bad headaches, and we took her to an eye Dr and an Ear Dr to have eyes and hearing checked. Both were fine. She hasn't had a headache in a while. I've recently been asking her to turn her head straight when watching TV and tell me what bothers her, why does she turn her head. Sometimes she says its because she can't hear, and sometimes she says its because she can't see. Any ideas of what could be the reason? I might take her to a different Eye Dr to get a second opinion. Her hearing has been checked recently and was fine. Her last physical, her right eye was 25, while the left was 20- but could that small of a vision difference be why she turns her head?
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replied March 1st, 2014
Extremely eHealthy
I am wondering how her hearing was tested and what her sight was tested for?

It must be difficult to test fully the hearing or sight of a person who could not understand or be able to fully describe the experience.

Modern testing tests not just the average hearing capability but also the frequency response. It is possible your daughter has trouble hearing only certain frequencies and might benefit from a programmable hearing aid.

It might interest you to know my eyesight is considered to be good enough to fly a plane by the high street opticians.
Quite simply they don't have the equipment to test for my vision defect. I had observed this about myself as a youngster and for a number of years later. It was no disadvantage then but in my mid 20's I began noticing a ghost image while driving at night when tired.
The problem only affected me when tired and I decided to visit an optician who found very little defect but provided spectacles nevertheless.

Strangely, after getting the specs I found the television was then too loud and I began listening at a much lower volume. Putting on my new specs made me hear better though it wasn't that my hearing was bad without them but it was fuzzy or distorted and turning up the volume compensated.

Quite simply I could overcome my minor vision defect by unconsciously concentrating hard but somehow that effort robbed my hearing of fidelity rather than volume.

Strangely. I thought at the time, neither my doctor or the optician fell about laughing but instead said the same centre in the brain is used by both those senses.

After testing at the local hospital many years later when my eyesight had degenerated enough to worry me, I was diagnosed with monocular polyplopia times two, though I am still fit to fly if I wanted to.

There are various causes of diplopia and polyplopia and I believe the cause of mine might be wrinkled lenses in the eye that causes each eye to see several approximately superimposed images. I had been observing welding and welding myself from an early age and I am supposing that was the cause in my case.

I hope this helps.
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