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Women Only Please Answer This

What qualities you look in a man to consider him for a date.

Ladies and Only ladies please try and answer me as truthfully as possible. I might sound a complete loser or a total idiot. When I was 21 and I tried to introspect that why is it so that no women has even shown any interest in me (in-fact they have been so repulsive of me that I am yet to go on a date) so I asked few of my male friends (who were virtually changing partners then change clothes) what do women look in a man for dating.

Top answers were (not in any order):

• Bold attitude and great Sense of Humor.
• Makes a lot of Money.
• Is not physically or emotionally abusive.
• Is really well educated.
• Is Good Looking
• Well Educated

Well six years later I feel either I didn’t get what most of them said or perhaps they were wrong. Because in the last six years I have added an MBA degree to my name from one of the Ivy league B-Schools. I earn reasonably well (enough for my partner not need to work in her life). I am a business consultant a job requiring you to be bold and great communicator. I don’t recall I have even been in my life in a brawl or can be termed emotionally or physically abusive. Although I wont say I look great but wont be much worse then an average bloke.

Guess what I am 28 yet to date and single as usual. Now I know for sure no one understand a women more then a women does so ladies, please advice me what else is needed. Now it’s become a question of my identity.
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replied March 31st, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
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replied May 16th, 2011
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hi, one thing is do not look despreate this girls recgnise a mile off and avoid. try to just become coumfetable in yourself and don't wory it will hapen. i have several male friends and relitives who are in there thirys or fourtys without patners and one who did not may untill late in life. there is no requirmet to mary young or even be in a relationship.

just lern to be who you are and content as you are, this is most likly to attract a patner as a genuin person if far better than someone whi is trying too hard. amd mony dose not always attract girls and ennuf to live on is all that realy matters.
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replied May 16th, 2011
don't look desperate, it will happen, but not if you look desperate.
ask girls out, if they say no oh-well. your already not dating...
dont brag about your money, we dont like that.
get a hobby where you can meet women of similar interset.
try internet dating.
From the simple reason you posted this I'd guess your a jump right in and tell all kinda guy. have some secrets, mystery, dot give it all up the first time you meet a girl.
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