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Woman also should take circumcision??

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I am a virgin. I had a boyfriend before. But I couldn't accept him. Because I was threaten by losing virgin.And then I suspected ownself maybe I have strong hymen...

Recently I meet new boyfriend. He recommended me to take diagnosis in department of gynecology. after examination, I was known I have a normal hymen...However I was confessed I have likelihood of bleeding on first sex. The docter also
understood circumcision.

Circumcision of woman is also manner of sex? But my country still has a faith of virgin. Some people believe giving hymen is the testimony of eternal marriage. I don't think the faith fits in modern age too.

He is great man. He affirmed both taking surgery and breaking by him.I don't regard him just as a sex friend. He also commited he never cheat me. And I don't wana regard my partner as like tool..But still We don't know our future.

Currently,medical technology has been developed than ever before. Each woman can choose their selection. I would like to ask many opinions...
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replied March 29th, 2011
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