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Woke up to shaking movements

So I went to bed at about 530 this Morning, Only to wake up at 600.

I woke up to shaking. I was able to open my eyes and see in front of me but could not move much. At first I thought I was imagining things, not knowing why I woke up. That's when I noticed the shaking.

First thing I thought was that there was a earthquake. I tried to get up, but failed to move my arms or legs. So that's when I thought, well guess the people will find my body in the ruins. It seemed at after I had the thought, my mind cleared or something, because that's when I noticed it was in fact me shaking. After I knew it was actually me doing the shaking I was able to get my body to stop.

This was the first time this has happened to me. To be honest I'm pretty scared to go back to sleep.

Has anyone ever experienced the same thing? And what could this be. The cause?
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replied January 28th, 2016
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Just from your brief description, sounds like sleep paralysis. Can't say for sure. But if it is, it's common and considered harmless. Talk to a doc to be sure.

But my question is why are you going to bed in the morning? Most people sleep at night. Do you work nights?

If not, you may have other underlying issues, not the least of which are insomnia and stress. You might be well served by first establishing a good healthy sleep supportive lifestyle. And let go your fear of sleep, which of course is as normal, healthy, natural, and important for life as breathing.
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