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5 wks pregnant with twins, HCG levels did not double in 48 hours

Help... On Monday, I went in for my ob gyn visit after a positive read on a hpt. It was discovered on a vaginal u/s that I had 2 sacs with 2 yolk sacs! TWINS!! Unbelievable.. I was 5w1d, so a yolk sac was all I could hope for anyway. They took blood to measure my HCG,and it was 40,000. I went back on Wed, 5w 3d to draw more blood.. I got the call now and my HCG rose to 68,000. It didn't double.. My doctor didn't seem TOO worried, but I"m disappointed =(
I have been spotting very lightly on and off, brownish, but as I understand this is more common with twin pregnancies.. My belly is huge for 5 weeks, I've already pulled out my grandma bra, I certainly FEEL very very pregnant, but am now worried because of the HCG results coupled with light spotting.. Anyone else go through this with a twin pregnancy?
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