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35/38 wks pregnant

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hi my 22yr daughter has been given 3 dates for her due date , problem im having is who do you believe , her 1st an 2nd scan was done in our home town northern ireland , and her dr there has told her the baby was due august,since she has move to, live with me in england the midwife here are sayin 18th sept, ive worked my daughters date to be 27 aug , as i also worked my own dates out an was spot on an i also worked my eldest daughters date for the 28th jan an she had her baby on the 24th,an i dont find the midwives who visit my daughter very helpful , as they really dont tell her very much, but i must say her consultant is very helpful, my daughter was at the hospital on saturday as she felt her pad she was wearing very damp, an when she arrived at the hospital, she had a show but she was examined an was allowed to return home , when she nxt went to bathroom to check on her pad she had a lot of mucus tinged with brown ,the consultan has said this is the mucus plug, an baby is well an truely engaged. but the midwives are saying different an that the baby isnt engaged , please understand i am by no means a silly person as i work an have done many courses within the medical area but for my own sanity i want someone to give me a 2nd opinion thanks you anyone that can help
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replied August 20th, 2009
She will know when it happens, labor that is! From an experienced mother of 3, it could start any time or it could be a couple weeks before she has the baby. Sometimes near the end when the baby starts getting into position you could have a little staining from the blood vessels and stuff. Hope everything goes well...I know how anxious everyone gets at the end. At least it is close by!
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