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9 wks post Oblique Distal Fibula Fracture

I am 9 weeks post oblique distal fracture of the fibula. At 6 weeks I was told the bone is healing but not healed. I am on crutches and am now allowed 50% weight bearing. I'm due to go back at week 10. I'm curious as to what I can expect. When will physical therapy start.? How much longer in the boot? I'm anxious to get back to working out again. I'm a 40 year old woman, but worked out 6 days a week prior to this injury. I have bee doing Muay Thai (kickboxing) for several years and am very afraid that I won't be able to resume this activity. I a also eager to get back to my mud runs. Do we think I'll be back to normal by summer?

Losing my mind and appreciate any insight
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replied January 24th, 2014
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Jroff - Hello and welcome! The first thing is I noted, you’re not going to Physical Therapy? They had me started while I was the hospital, and I’ve been going for almost 9 months weekly! It’s absolutely essential to be going to Physical Therapy.

As far as “the bone is healing but not healed,” is great after 6 weeks. These types of injuries take time to heal! As long as there is callus forming, and filling in, that’s good! Some people don’t even see anything for months. If by the third month, there isn’t any new bone growth, then they take other measures. But you’re doing great!

Nice thing with the fibula, is it’s a non-weight bearing bone, so of the two to break, this is by far the better of the two.

I just started a rehabilitation program that a lot of injured athletes are using. Essentially they believe all the other core muscles need to be in-shape to really work on the injured area. As an example (you probably know this with how active you were) if you start working on the injured leg, but your putting all the stress/weight on the other leg, but it’s not up-to-par, you will start stressing that leg, and causing issues on the good leg. So, what they were having me do, was working my body, while stressing out my injured leg, but in the appropriate “stress” (your doctor would need to verify you can do these kinds of work-outs.)

I know you’re super anxious to get working out and enjoy your summer, but be careful about looking too far out in the future! It’s simply “one day at a time.” I broke my leg end of May 2013, and thought “OMG, my summer is over! “ So, I decided to look into the horizon, and get excited about winter, and all the “winter” things I love to do, but sadly things haven’t gone the way I was hoping, so don’t think of the things you are dying to do, but what your leg is telling you. If you try to force trying to heal, so you can enjoy working out, and summer, you may set yourself back. Slow and easy! I wish you the best of luck, and do keep us posted!
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