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Withdrawal symptoms from lonazep 0.5mg


i was suffering from depression 6 months back... i consulted psychiatrist and he prescribed me Nexito 10mg and lonazep 0.5mg .i took the medicine for about 6 months ... i am feeling ok ... i mean cant say 100% fine but yes i can feel some improvement in my health from the last time ...Doctor told me to decrease the dose of those medicines ..Now i have stop taking nexito but i cant get off to lonazep .... i am feeling withdrawal symptoms also ... tinnitus ,obsessions, Anxiety , panic , shivering and so on ..when the symptoms becomes aggressive , i run to lonazep 0.5 and i feel relaxed .. i am afraid of leaving this medicine .. please suggest me how to stop this medicine and get myself recover from these withdrawal syndrome..

Thank you
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replied February 3rd, 2012
Its best not to take any of these drugs over long periods of time. When these drugs first came out on the market, they were only for temporary periods, but not doctors seem to be keeping there patients of them for good without even reviewing the decision or telling them there might be low in a vitamin but wont even try to fix that e\problem but a new diet.
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replied March 10th, 2014
reduce the lonazep .5 to .25 then to .125 doses slowly. you can take .25 a day for a month but symptoms severe en take .5 as SOS for that particular day then next month try replacing by .125 and if symptoms severe then take .25 as sos for that particular day, en .125 to normal methods like deep breathing, exercises everyday, a well balanced diet, plenty of water 3 lt a day, well sound happy social environment, rear a puppy it is an anti depressant therapy etc. last of all enjoy life and do what you have to do when you live life is short. no need to waste time on unnecessary worries and stress. play music if you are fond of. this is life. travel too around the world.
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