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Wisdom tooth extraction side effects

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I had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled on Friday (3 days ago) and I am concerned about serious side effects. To say that I am a huge worry wart would be the understatement of the century. I've been reading, online of course, about dry sockets and air embolisms. How long before I am in the clear when it comes to worrying over these. Again, I know that something like an air embolism is extremely rare and ridiculous to worry over, but I am still looking for peace of mind. Any input?
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replied March 23rd, 2010
wisdom teeth extraction
Infection is really the only major concern after any wisdom teeth surgery. I recommend antibiotics and frequent rinses to minimize the chances. Dry socket is very rare and can be prevented by avoiding smoking and doing frequent rinses. By one week, if you are doing well, you will probably continue to do so. but don't stop rinsing for at least 14 days and keep the site clean. It will keep it from getting inflamed or infected.
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