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Wisdom Tooth extraction 5 days ago - pain is intense

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Hi i had my upper and lower widom teeth on the right side extraced last thursday under a local anastethic as they were both decayed and i was getting infections and pain from them, the extraction only took a couple of minutes and they came out pretty easy, the pain was managable afterwards for 2 days over the counter painkillers took all pain away, however 3 days after extraction the pain was very intence and didnt go away after taking painkillers i also had a awful taste in my mouth and bad breath! i seen a emergancy dentist on saterday who gave me antibiotics and said both the sockets were dry, i went back to see my owne oral surgeon today who looked in my mouth and said she couldnt see any sign of a infection and they were healing well and looked clean, she packed them with medicated dressing that numbed my tounge and gum but still didnt take the pain away so im still no further forward i do have a few more days of antibiotics to take but the pain is just awful i feel like dreadful i never had any pain like this before they were taken out and they were decayed! my jaw isnt stiff and there isnt any swelling. What could be causing this awful pain and when will it go away its driving me crazy!!! :'(
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replied December 8th, 2011
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Hi claire99991 and welcome to ehealth: I, too, had a dry socket wisdom tooth...They hurt terribly...However, they should be healing up pretty good right now...Eat soft foods...Take Tylenol when needed and try and sleep at night...They will get better...Take care...

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