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Wisdom tooth extraction: bone fragments?

I had two wisdom teeth removed about 1.5 weeks ago. Now, I'm noticing tiny fragments of bone protruding from the area above the extraction site. I assume these are tooth fragments. I feel slight discomfort in the area--no serious pain at this point. I'm wondering whether it's necessary to go back to the dentist to have these fragments removed, or whether I should wait for them to work their way out? I don't want to disturb the extraction site or promote bleeding again (I'm a teacher, and it's very difficult to lecture when my mouth is bleeding / in pain).

I'd appreciate any insight!
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replied April 17th, 2012
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Hi cedarseoul and welcome to ehealth: Give yourself time and the skin will grow over them....This will not happen overnight and in the meantime, just be careful not to eat food in this area...If it continues to bother you then go back and see your dentist...Take care...

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