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Wisdom teeth pain and strange feelings

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I got my wisdom teeth taken out monday since monday ive experienced a lot of pain, and strange feelings in my mouth for example on the day of surgery after it was over

Day 1: I had drozzyness-Groggy_gauze in mouth-
Day 2: Pain in my mouth my legs hard to breathe,Stomach Hurts
Day 3: today woke up with a weird feeling in my mouth blood clot type skin hanging in my mouth id spit up a gooey organge type red dotted junk coming out of my mouth is that normal. It hurts to smile or Laugh and even cry and pain is still hurting both legs and mouth and sometimes my neck.

today has probably scared me from this i never had any procedure done to me so this whole pain in my mouth and body has brought me really down in the dumps. Like tomorrow my sister is coming into town as well as my cousin and then this saturday my sister is having her baby shower in our house and id like to feel 10x better then i have today and monday. how long till i feel better oh then next thursday or friday my brother is taking me to disney world and i want to feel so much better
any ideas on how id feel
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replied November 6th, 2011
You really need to see someone as soon as possible. None of these side effects is normal. Just two of these issues warrants concern. Don't put this off. You'll feel better and Disney will be a lot more fun if you aren't sick. Run to the dentist ASAP. Seriously! Good luck!
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