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wisdom teeth out and had fever, 6 days in hospital

It is a long story.i am a 26 year man who never drink and smoke and eating fish oil and sinsang pill daily.
One day I had my wisdom teeth out and had fever at night on that day. I went to work at 6am with fever and worked until 10am I can't take anymore so I decided to go see doctor.i felt hard breathing before entering subway station and close to faint but I was just able to call embullance and embullance arrived and I felt better after taking oxgen on it. I felt completely ok when I arrived emergency so I had to wait for 2hours and just after 2 hour I couldn't breath again so I ask for help from nurse and she sent me to ward and stay 6 days in hospital and my fever was gone after 3 days with antibiotics and they did 2 blood cultures nothing was found so I was sent back home. I still feel hard breathing sometimes when I eat for 3 days at home. I felt better day by day but one day I was out for dinner with parents I felt hard breathing again and whole body lost power and very shaky before start of dinner. Then I went home and rest and I could still eat normal for days after and one day had a big noodle for dinner and I stomach felt so bad and kept burping and whole body was shaky for like a hour at 3 am. Then i lost my appetite for a week and got better slowly but my body felt completely flat after each meal and feel weak and hand shaking at all time. I cant feel full awake and feel things and people around me like unreal in a dream until now
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replied June 19th, 2012
wow thats an extreme reaction. maybe you should keep in contact with your doctor very closely
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