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Will sperm die from cold weather outside?

Okay so me and my girlfriend were humping (with clothes on) and i finished and a little bit got onto my blanket. aftrer about a minute i wiped it away and then wiped my hand, but then about 4 minutes later i fingered her and i dont know if i still had sperm on my hands, could she get pregnant from this. PLEASE respond quick im so scared D: we were outside so it was very cold and the semen was on the blanket for about a minute so i think it would have died by then but im stilll really worried, please respond assap Sad
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replied October 23rd, 2011
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It is very unlikely that she wil get pregnant from that.

Sperm die when it dries out. Cold or heat for a minute will not really kill sperm insemen.

It does not sound like you did anything to get her pregnant.
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