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Will I get pregnant? He did penetrated into me a bit...

Hi, am a virgin, and I dont think I had proper sex with my partner, but He did penetrated into me a bit(To be honest am not sure ), but my partner says he dint release anything into me.also he was wearing a condom though m still scared it might got off, however I had I-pill within 14 hours, are there still any chances of me getting pregnant and at the same time, wot if he never penetrated(and I was virgin) me and I took ipill, will it have any effects, PlS hELP. Any help will be genuinely appreciated.
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replied May 13th, 2013
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Hello Neha,

As it is the twenty-first century and an abundance of information is available you shouldn't really be contemplating a sex-life unless you are first armed with adequate knowledge.
As he wore a condom it is unlikely you were pregnant but as condoms alone offer only about a 72% effectiveness against pregnancy you can see there are few absolute certainties in the affairs of people.
The emergency morning-after pill you took was probably unnecessary but should have removed the risk entirely.

It is best to assume any sex will result in pregnancy and then choose the contraceptive measure that will offer an acceptable level of protection against it that will suit your circumstances.
Condoms used with an additional spermicide offers about 93% effectiveness.

I suggest you do not allow your boyfriend to persuade you to have any sexual contact you are not adequately prepared for. Pregnancy is caused by ignorance as much as sex.

Good luck!
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