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Will I ever be able to get off medications? that is my goal!

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Just wanted to share with you all the importance of exercise. About 2 years ago I was diagnosed with high bp of 162/81 "I am 22". I was put on Benicar 40 HCTZ and the first year my readings were consistently 140-150/60-70

After increasing my exercise regiment to thirty minutes of stationary bike, 30 minutes of walking and occasionally some weight-lifting. I can now say with great pride that my average BP is 131/72. I have lose lbs, down to 217 from an original 236. Just did 30 minutes of bicycle, my current Bp is 114/70

Not trying to brag, just trying to do my best to contribute to people who are trying to lower their blood pressure. I am still not altogether confident, and while I feel better I still wish I could get these readings completely without medication, that is my goal. I am going to try once I get to 200 lbs, is this safe?
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replied January 1st, 2012
Talk with your Dr. about weaning you off the medication a little at a time. He will want you to have several good pressure readings and may ask you to keep a journal. My Dr. wanted me to have 6 months of good pressure readings before he would even consider taking me off meds.It is hard to get off once you are on meds but it can be done. Do not go cold turkey! This has its own risks.Congratulations on your progress.
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replied January 3rd, 2012
I worked for the company that sold Benicar. I know for a fact that you can come off all those medications. Yes you need monitoring of a physician but understand as your needs change so might your physician. Think about looking to a M.D. that has a focus on Integrated Medicine. These doctors take a combination therapy approach that maybe better for you and you are still underneath the care of a M.D.
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