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Will a Dietitian Help Me Lose Weight Or a Nutritionist?

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Hi my name is Miguel. I weigh around 169 lbs right now and I wanna go down to 155. I've been doing consistent HIIT exercises as well as some light dieting habits (eating veggies, more water, less high-fatty foods). Just a while ago, I read this post on a website that talked about a dietitian and a nutritionist.. so I got the idea of (perhaps) hiring a dietitian or a nutritionist for help.. but will it be worth the investment? Thanks!

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replied February 25th, 2016
why most weight loss plan
most of them fail because they only focus on, eating and exercise; Most of them don't talk about our sleep rate, stress level, calorie burning level, metabolic rate( reduces as you age), food type, BMR, age, height, family history, genetics
All these and more, determine your weight believe it or not.
Do you also know that even luck can make you lose weight. don't just jump at any program, diet, or fitness guru without knowing these.
You could even lose weight but i can assure you. every weight you lose will be back without this in place.
Ask movie actors.
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