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Will a CT scan affect fetus in first week of pregnancy.

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Will a CT scan affect fetus in first week of pregnancy.
Doctor needs to see the liver and upper abdomen for an important test as they detected something unusual in ultrasound of my liver .
They need to do CT scan for detail analysis and calrity.
But now I am not having my menses and have also got pregnancy urine test positive ,
I had been trying to be pregnant since last 7 months ! but now I am really scared if the CT scan will do any ill affect to my baby.
I have seen in the web sites it is either all effect or no effect at all ,
How far is it true and what can be the best way forward in my case, Please let know, it would be a great help and advise !!
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replied July 26th, 2011
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Call the doctor ask if the CT scan is okay if you might be pregnant. There might be another test the doctor could use instead or he might feel that it is worth the risk because of what might be wrong with you.

You could also call your OBGYN and get her advice. You should see her soon anyway.
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