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Wife not getting pregnant since last 3 years..

Helo, I had gone through many post in this forum. Hope i may get some help. I am 38 and married since last 4 years. My wife is 33. We want to have kids, we tried a lot since last couple of years but no success. We have already gone through all basic tests and all reports were normal. Doctor advised us to keep trying and we tried but no positive results. Few things i want to tell u here. My wife wont allow me to finger her. Whenever i try she resist for that. Also when we have intercourse, the penis wont goes complete inside. Some part of penis is still left outside her vagina. She is wet there and i use some oil for lubrication. Generally it takes 2 to 3 mins for me to come. I always come inside here but yes the complete penis is not inside here. Sometimes while intercourse my foreskin come up and i need to adjust it then again i start penetration. Is that a reason for not getting her pregnant?? Please suggest if possible.
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replied January 9th, 2019
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Did you talk to the doctor about the penetration problem? Maybe she has a very tough hymen. You could gradually stretch the hymen if she would allow gentle fingering, or the doctor could open it surgically. Did he do an internal examination?

Where blood can come out then sperm can go in. I guess your sex is not very frequent. Are you doing it at the right time of the month, cycle days 10 through 14 of 28? Best of luck!
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