I suppose it sounds crazy, but my wife has lately been demanding many orgasms per night.

We make love a couple of times a week and it's always great - she is extremely beautiful and, most importantly, a terrific person. We both love sex and a lot of oral action. In our marriage, I have given her an orgasm all but maybe once or twice kissing and licking her down there (she teases me that she loves my tongue more than she loves me). I usually give it to her when she is in the midst of orgasm. The problem is that she wants 2-3 orgasms, otherwise she gets upset and says I left her hanging. She also wants very badly to orgasm together every time. The problem is that I can't last that long. After getting a sexy BJ and listening to her build-up to orgasm, I am pretty turned-on, to say the least.

She is threatening to cut down on my BJ time, but I think I would about die without that! Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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replied March 12th, 2009
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As far as having orgasms together, I feel that is far out...Every once in a while you can get lucky...There she is being unfair...

If she is as hot as you say that she is, I doubt she will stop doing you...She needs to do it...It drives her wild....But she will threaten....Part of the ways of a woman....

Try turning her over in the doggy postion...Then lick her and finger her at the same time...She just may have enough orgasms out of this to quiet her......

Good luck,
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replied March 13th, 2009
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She also needs to understand sex is a two sided thing or more so of being reciprocol, so if she don't go down, then you shouldn't either.

Another option like caroline said is fingering or maybe buy some toys or have her play with herself eith before hand or afterwards.

There is so many options out there and not everyone has a high sex drive but I can also see the manipulation and she needs to understand that not everyone is the same.

Have a chat, make sure you voice your thoughts, maybe take her down for a ride to the sex store, its a candy store after-all~!
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