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Wife is always on facebook

My wife is always on Facebook. Especially after I go to bed. Sometimes sleeps with her phone. I looked at cell records no new numbers or text.
A few weeks ago she had a panic attack.
Been acting cold toward me and said doesn't have feelings.
Want me to get an apartment, I ask and she won't respond. Been on a gym kick going 3 times a week and now she doesn't want to go out of town but its OK if I do. We have 2 kids....I'm at the end of my rope. I think she's cheating...I asked her and she said no I don't want another relationship....I need help...
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replied June 27th, 2013
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People can become addicted to just about anything and genuine addictions cause changes in behaviour and attitude so perhaps your wife is addicted to facebook or to the content of it.

If it is causing her to neglect her wifely and family duties as well as causing behaviour or character changes you have genuine cause for complaint as her addiction, if that is what it is, is out of control.

It is difficult to advise you; whether spending more time with her and sharing her time and space on the computer while you observe and staying up with her into the night might be a good thing or not - it might provide you with reassurance she isn't cheating or her reactions might provide further indications that she is. Sharing some gym time with her might also be a good idea...

If it is an addiction it will need to reach a crisis before realisation occurs and simply arranging for a computer breakdown or losing the internet connection might concentrate her mind a little. Again observing her reaction to this sort of thing might provide more clues.

It might be sufficient to express your views in a more assertive way at greater volume levels and this might lead to a frank exchange of views.

Please come back again when you have more information; someone here might be inspired by it.

Good luck!
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replied June 28th, 2013
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Hi southpoint99....The best way to find this out is to come face to face with her...Unfortunately, women can get wound up on places like this...It becomes their friend...My word for this would be an addiction...Try and find out what is going on and possibly get some counseling...Take care...

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