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Wife has shocking announcement!

My wife is caucasion and I am mixed (Black and White). The other night she advised me that she wants a white man. Wants to be on the arm of a white man and wants to be with her "own kind". She is 33 and I am 39. We have three children, 7 ,5, and 1 years old. We are a cathloic family from decent backgrounds. This was a total shock to me, a little humiliating and a little horrifying. I would have never thought I would see her in this new light that I do.

She is a Realtor of 11 years and I a Mortgage Banker of the same. I do not know how to address this at all! It was a little humiliating, shocking and horrifying. Should I leave, get divorced or what?
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replied July 9th, 2010
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Hi loanman7 and welcome to ehealth: Was she serious or just blurting out something?...Is there possibly another man in the background that would cause this problem?...Very truthfully I am shocked too...As far as what should you do this is pretty much up to the two of you....I would first get some conuseling to see if there is something deeper bothering her...I really doubt if the race issue has anything to do with it...I think it is something else...Good luck....

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