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Wierd testicle pain and positions?

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I'm a 16 year old male with no health problems.Just recently I probably lift something heavy and I started to have pain (dull ache)in my left testicle.After a week it looked like my testicle flipped where the coily thing was facing the front.After that my left testicle turned sideways and the coily part rubbed against the right testicle causing a little pain in my stomach.Sometimes where I have these little dull pain in my stomach it cause me have to defacate.Its all just wierd I visited a clinic the doctor said It maybe came out of place and went back in but my testicle feel upside down because like I said it flipped.The right one just started to feel a little irritated not much pain just a ache where it rubbing together.My left testicle is really sore now and its move sometimes its just free and twisting whatever way it could down there.The tube also feel sensitive and sore.I dont know what this is because if it was torsion it would cause major pain which I don't have.

So here all my synthoms:
left testicle-(dull ache,upside down,and twisting freely)
right testicle-(irritated from left testicle rubbing against it)
stomach discomfort causing me have to defecate
scrotum-no swelling
leg numbness tingling feeling from testicle problem
cord don't feel twisted but I feel the cord moving all over my scrotum
no lumps
urination fine
bowel movements fine

Any proffesional help will be great.
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First Helper pilots101

replied April 11th, 2012
i have also this condition. what i do.
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